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Pendray's Distillery

Pendray’s Distillery, named after Lola’s maiden name and originating from Cornwall England, ‘Pendray’ which is Cornish, is a race of people with a rich Celtic heritage and an indomitable fighting spirit who inhabited the Southwest of England.

In 2013, we purchased a 500 liter German pot still from Holstein and started Pendray's Distillery as part of our two wine brands, PasoPort and Per Caso. We currently produce barrel aged Brandy's, barrel aged Grappa's and an wide variety of fruit based liqueurs. We are in full production of spirits for sipping, mixing and fortifying our port wines.

95 Booker Road
Templeton, CA 93465

Tasting Hours

Thus - Mon 11am - 4pm

Reservations Encouraged


Brandy, Grappa, Liqueurs